Maximize Your Pega Investment with Pyze Process Intelligence

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Workflows Across Pega and Other Platforms

It’s time to supercharge your Pega experience! Introducing Pyze Process Intelligence — the game-changer that marries AI, user-centric real-time data, and cross-platform capabilities to optimize your processes and rocket your ROI.

AI-Driven Analysis to Increase Automation Rates, Employee Productivity, and Overall Efficiency​

Why Choose Pyze Process Intelligence for Pega?

  1. AI-Powered Business Optimization: By integrating AI, Pyze Process Intelligence examines case process workflows, user productivity, and invaluable metadata from employees and customers. This blend of technology and data empowers businesses to implement rules that automate, re-engineer, and rationalize workflows, leading to soaring efficiency.

  2. User-Centric Productivity Data: Unlike traditional Process Mining tools, Pyze offers a deep dive into user activities at every process touchpoint. This granular approach reveals insights that might be overlooked when relying solely on database records.

  3. Cross-platform Process Tracking: Pyze is not just confined to a single platform. Its prowess in monitoring processes across diverse platforms and applications ensures a comprehensive view of your entire enterprise workflow.

  4. Rapid Deployment and Real-Time Monitoring: Say goodbye to long waits. Pyze stands out with its speed, integrating seamlessly into any Web or Low Code application for nearly instantaneous process monitoring.

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Features that Make the Difference:

  • Deep-Dive Dashboards: Comprehensive visualizations delve into every aspect of your processes and user productivity.

  • End to End Workflow Analysis: Track process effectiveness across platforms, identify bottlenecks, and understand why bottlenecks exist

  • Predictive Analytics: Foresee challenges and take proactive steps, ensuring smooth operations at every juncture.


Success Stories

“Pyze Process Intelligence brought AI into our workflow, revealing insights and opportunities we never knew existed. It’s a game-changer for our cross-platform mission-critical processes!”Sr. Director, KYC Operations, Global 500 Bank.

“From cross-platform tracking to real-time monitoring, Pyze has transformed our operations, ensuring we get the most out of BPM investments.”Vice President, Retail Operations, Fortune 1000 Manufacturing Company.

“Our modernization journey was filled with challenges until Pyze came along. It not only identified inefficiencies but also paved the path for continuous improvement of modern systems, enhancing customer experiences and streamlining our backend processes.”Sr. Director, Product, Global 500 Insurance Company.

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Harness the unparalleled capabilities of Pyze Process Intelligence and make every Process supported by Pega more effective.

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